the origins

A short story about me...

INNOCUO (Alessandro Skocir) was born in Gorizia (ITALY) in 1965.

He began his studies in piano and organ in 1972.

 In 1980 he worked with a local radio station. He collaborates with some emerging dj,

where he learned to recognize newstyles of music, and to passionate about electronic music.

Upto 1985 playing live together with some bands and also working with a songwriter,always

getting considerable success.

 From1985 to 1991was a very difficult period for his life, which abandoned the music.

 Since 1991 he resumed the artistic career both in music and painting

trying to fuse these two ways of expression.

 Since 2010, it becomes INNOCUO( harmless...), because it believes that good music does not hurt anyone!

 The musical influences are very various and he always searching for union 

between different styles and rhythms for new sounds 

to propose his personal own vision of the music.

Produce and arranges all his tracks, in its own homestudio,with analog and

digital instruments of various types,with the support of computer program ABLETON.

  Also collaborating  with other musicians and producers.