A New Year begins and new things are coming.

Best wishes to all and good music!


Available for download my new job. A three tracks new album that you can listen and buy here

This has been a long work, but it is giving me great satisfaction.

Very articulate, with new sounds and with a very vibrant style.

Solid ambient and electronic atmospheres, very different from other tracks made before.

Have a listen and enjoy!




Released January 30, 2016 


Recorded, mastered and produced

by Alessandro Skocir

Moraro Italy info@innocuomusic.com 

I chose a picture for my set just released.

This set collects the work of some months,

between afterthoughts and entries of other tools and other tracks.

This reflects very much my current mood.

I am seeking a balance of the confusion

of things moving around me.

The first impression is good.

These days I received a new proposal for collaboration with a new label born recently.

I hope it is a step forward for my musical work.

Congratulalations - Lonely Tribe -snippet- is #5 of the weekly Experimental ranking!


Hi innocuo musicproject,


Lonely Tribe -snippet-
in Experimental

Congratulations innocuo musicproject,

Lonely Tribe -snippet- is #5 of the weekly Experimental ranking: 

#1 BURIAL - Temple Sleeper by ACE - Swedens Finest Music Blog
#2 Grenzpunkt Null Reloaded (2012-04-06) by Frank Brandenburg
#3 Rose Colored Dawn Noodle by Jack Hertz
#4 Grenzpunkt Null 28.10.2011 by Frank Brandenburg
#5 Lonely Tribe -snippet- by innocuo musicproject
#6 last 44 by pleines & liebold
#7 Astrognomic - Milk of paradise by astrognomic
#8 MetalMedieval by ZebMachine
#9 The Minnorkka DJ - 0 O WTF!! (Asia in My Mind) by MInnorkka DJ
#10 new mix by Brqndvn Evcns

In November, I am continuing to refine some tracks that will be part of a new set.

I want a sound that is clear and well balanced.

I Lose a lot of time to do this.

In the research phase may also pass hours to get what I need.

Sometimes it's not what I try and delete everything and return back.

When I think I've reached the optimum level, playback module for several times.

Creativity often need to be guided.

At the end of this year I was working on new tracks. I decided to publish a new experimental track. In this case a change in the rhythm and new tools, used for the structure of the piece. Orientation experimental techno. Often I think that my music is definitely my only breath and satisfaction. We hope in 2015 great for everyone.

You can find the new track on soundcloud and hearthis.at (Techno, Experimental, Minimal , Deep Techno) free download!

Just produced a new track that you can find on the music page on this site. A little jazz, a little eletro, a little obscure. Hope you like it!

Now also available on Bandcamp. Follow the link and download your tune!

In distribution since 13 11 2013!

Good news for this month a little crazy, a friend asked me to remix one of my track and the result can directly listen on my page - my music-(On this site)

PeterPurple-House:INNOCUO-TeoremaRemix Simply fantastic! freedownload here: 


New track-DESIRES- taken from the upcoming new EP-HIGH TENSION-available soon.You can listen to the new track on- my music- page on this site or on SoundCloud, and you can download for free! It's a new work that I have done in these days, is not final, but I think the final version will not be much different. Hope you enjoy!

Working With Ableton

This week I start a new track in collaboration with my friend Alex Pierantoni. I think for a while I will concentrate only on this new project. Now supported by a young and inspired musician! Hope all is well!

Skies On Moraro

This month, for a good start, I managed to finish the mix of a new track that you can find on the page music. This time it is a less experimental and more defined. A style that I like, how house-music. It turns. Merges, changes, gets dirty, stirs and goes beyond trend. Maybe I found what I was looking for. I hope to finish other mixes in time. In the past months I worked a lot on the acoustics of my studio, and now I hear the sound differently. Better,without no doubt!

Until now, this month, I worked on my new studio. Now I have a better sound, a better environment just to hear my music better. I have to fend for myself, also because there is no money to me, as always! I hope to create better music to make a change to my passion for music.

Ipologica Recording

Soon a new partnership with


indipendet label based in Rome.

Hope well!Could be an interesting

musical experience.

Innocuo Logo For Blogspot
Innocuo Logo For Blogspot

I just finished another track you can listen to the MUSIC page( on this site) A new experiment on sounds and reverb. The continuous research leads me to create more alternatives for composing new ideas, this is really a remarkable experience, shared with all who follow me.New ones are coming!

Pervurt Records Logo

I started working on a new remix for a contest. More on http://remixme.per-vurt.com/join.html

A hard work!

Moonbeam Pres Mondstrahl - Foxy (Original REMIXME.ME Preview) [Per-vurt Records] You can find it now in the MUSIC page!I hope you like it!!

 Just finished a new track. Soon will be distributed on RECORD UNION. You can find it now on MUSIC page( on this site)

  -Fragile- is the title of a new project I have in mind. This is what developing now.This track is dedicated to Serena Salvadori, a great artist and  photographer. Take a look!The new tracks I have in mind are based on a new approach to house music. Seeking a range of new sounds that best represent my idea of a music different from the normal product record, what goes up also on the radio endlessly to bore the listener. This is hard work use lot of my time. Hope in a pleasing result and a bottom a little more techno than previous work.


Political tremors

  Pubblicato il: 1 Marzo 2012
  Fra pochi giorni la Commissione europea giocherà la sua ultima carta per rilanciare ACTA, ma se interverremo subito potremo neutralizzare questo attacco mondiale alla libertà di internet.
 Siamo vicini alla vittoria: la nostra petizione forte di 2,4 milioni di firme ha scosso i politici in tutta Europa e fermato i censori. Ora però la Commissione europea è sulla difensiva e si è rivolta alla Corte di giustizia sperando di ricevere un orientamento positivo su ACTA, visto che ha presentato una questione di legalità molto limitata.
Ma se uniremo le nostre voci ora potremo far sì che la Corte prenda in considerazione tutte le conseguenze legali di ACTA e che rilasci una valutazione che dica la verità sull'attacco di ACTA ai nostri diritti. Firma la petizione urgente al Presidente della Commissione europea José Manuel Barroso per chiedere alla Corte di dire tutta la verità.