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 I am a musician and  composer,pioneer of net music production.

These pages are dedicated to what I compose 

and the music that I listen to.

I live in Italy,where I work in my home studio.

I like all kinds of music but I focus on electronic

music genres like house,teckhouse,deepdub,

minimalambient and teckno,in recent years.

Some tracks you can download for free!

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550+ MBs of the proper Romanian minimalistic underground vibe.

 Romanian Underground, the sound which seems to have won the hipster world over,

comes packed with massive breathing baselines, small and sparse percussion,

morphing & pumping top end, liquid like lead lines, rhythmic texture backgrounds & more.

For those who venture out into the later hours of the evening, or early mornings,

will surely understand and respect this sound in a big way, as its effect

on the dance floor is extremely impactful with its smooth ear pleasing

sound and funky centralized bass hooks. Deep & Tech House producers should not shy

away from this pack as the groovey nature of the loops & samples can be incorporated with any genre.