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I am a musician and  composer,pioneer of net music production.

These pages are dedicated to what I compose 

and the music that I listen to.

I live in Italy,where I work in my home studio.

I like all kinds of music but I focus on electronic music genres like house,teckhouse,deepdub,

minimalambient and teckno,in recent years.

Some tracks you can download for free!

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30 Ableton Sampler Preset Racks of Hardware Synths multi-sampled across the key range for perfect pitch correction.  All sampler sets are grouped in a rack format for even further & faster manipulation of the sound, combining the best of both worlds, analog sounds with digital manipulation capabilities.

Analog Synths Ableton Sampler Preset Racks covers a wide range of sounds from Lead Synths, Percussive Synths, Pads, & Basses. Add the touch of real analog to your tracks for max impact and depth.